Wildlife survey

Forest & Wildlife

Drones provide a unique perspective on forests and wildlife, providing a bird's-eye view and obtaining information, imagery and data that may otherwise be challenging or costly to obtain.
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disaster management


Leverage drones equipped with mapping technology and imagery for quick situational awareness, identification of hot spots and assessment of property damage.
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railway survey

Railway Survey​

Use drone mapping to inspect railway infrastructure including bridges, terraces and other inaccessible areas within the railway network.
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Industrial Inspection

Industrial Inspection​

In practically every industry where visual inspections are necessary as part of maintenance procedures, drone inspections are now standard procedure.
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smart city survey

Smart City Survey​

Drones play a key role in accelerating the development of smart cities by providing flexibility and enabling surveyors to efficiently map long corridors and collect essential data.
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pipeline inspection

Pipeline Inspection​

Facilitating quick assessment of pipe condition and accurate identification of erosion, exposed pipe and vegetation overgrowth.
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River Mapping and Survey

River Mapping and Survey

Drone solutions provide a valuable means to gather data, monitor rivers, and collect live information from a wide range of sensors.
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