drone mine survey


Stockpile Analysis Mines Planing Haul Road Analysis Cut-fill Estimations Blast Monitoring Mining Inspection
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drones in construction industry


Pre Contruction Planing Post Contruction Planing Urban Planning Drainage Planing
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drone agricultural survey


Plant Health Inspection Ai Crop Detection Irrigation Monitoring Crop Insurance Report Ground Water Survey
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Solar Industry Survey


Reduce maintenance costs by quickly identifying and replacing damaged solar panels throughout.
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Drone Data compatible with your Software

Data can be viewed and manipulated via a secure web portal, and is downloadable in a format compatible with your design, mapping or engineering platform.

Drone survey company in India
Drone survey company in India
Drone survey company in India
Drone survey company in India
Drone survey company in India
Drone survey company in India

A Drone Survey Company That Provides Data Compatibility:

Explore our user-friendly web application for swift integration of survey data into your existing technologies. Securely manage details through our web portal, downloadable in formats compatible with your platforms.

Overlay 4K resolution imagery on street maps for precise control, integrate Orthomosaic into forest survey platforms, or convert LAS data to DSM for asset management.

 As India’s leading drone survey company, we expedite the process from permissions to execution, delivering results within hours.

Garud Survey: India's Best Drone Survey Company

Garud Survey, established in 2019, is India’s leading drone survey company, specializing in a wide array of services including GIS and topographic surveying, drone inspections, mapping, powerline and smart city surveying, road and mining surveys, flood assessment, property and solar thermal inspections, security, surveillance, crop monitoring, volumetric analysis, 3D mapping, and modeling, alongside aerial photography and videography. Leveraging the latest in drone technology, we deliver precise data to empower businesses across various sectors.

Operating across major locations like Jaipur, Udaipur, Lucknow, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Mumbai, Rajkot, Srinagar and many other our mission is to provide high-quality surveying and mapping solutions that drive efficiency and innovation for our clients.

Discover the difference with Garud Survey – Where precision meets innovation.

Why Choose Garud Survey

Precise Data​

Less Time Consuming

Cost Effective

Increased Safety

Strong Domain

Data Analytics

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