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drone survey benefits

About Us

We are India’s most reliable drone survey company. We are a team of passionate professional with more than five year of experience. We believe that UAVs bring a new perspective to various businesses in a fast, accurate, efficient and cost effective manner. Our drone survey benefits you to take better decision with high resolution aerial data, Our UAV Expertise helps customers to access complex and hard to reach locations that would otherwise take more time and money to see using conventional methods.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to evaluate the earth for evolution by the help of Aerial Intelligence.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to become the most trusted AI Powered Aerial data platform across the globe. 

What are the Benefits of Drones in Surveying?

drone survey benefits
Reduce field time and survey costs

Capturing topographic data with a drone is up to five times faster than with land-based methods and requires less manpower. With PPK geo-tagging, you also save time, as placing numerous GCPs is no longer necessary. You ultimately deliver your survey results faster and at a lower cost.

drone survey benefits
Provide accurate and exhaustive data

Total stations only measure individual points. One drone flight produces thousands of measurements, which can be represented in different formats (orthomosaic, point cloud, DTM, DSM, contour lines, etc). Each pixel of the produced map or point of the 3D model contains 3D geo-data.

drone survey benefits
Map otherwise inaccessible areas

An aerial mapping drone can take off and fly almost anywhere. You are no longer limited by unreachable areas, unsafe steep slopes or harsh terrain unsuitable for traditional measuring tools. You do not need to close down highways or train tracks. In fact, you can capture data during operation without an organizational overhead.