Aerial Intelligence For Railway

Railway Survey

Garud Surveys play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless progress, accountability, and heightened efficiency of railway projects. Meticulously covering vital railway fundamentals, such as bridges, overhead equipment (OHE), roofs, and low-access structures, our surveys not only enable continuous inspection but also reduce blockages and minimize life-threatening risks.

Our comprehensive railway surveys address capacity concerns and uncertainties on expansive tracks. Drones generate high-resolution maps for proposed rail lines, construct 3D station models, and leverage GIS data for precise planning.

Garud Surveys excel in inspecting challenging areas, periodic property valuations, and examining terrains like bridges and tunnels. Our surveys contribute to swift damage assessment during natural disasters, providing critical insights for emergency responders.

In essence, Garud Surveys optimize railway project management, reducing expenses and enhancing safety. Our surveys accelerate data storage for informed decision-making, ensuring robust project lifecycles. Trust Garud for efficient, detailed, and insightful railway surveys that contribute to project success.


use of drone in Railway

Drones have found significant applications in the railway industry, revolutionizing various aspects of operations, maintenance, and infrastructure development. Here are some key uses of drones in railways: