Aerial Intelligence For Industrial

Industrial Inspection

Garud Survey is revolutionizing the inspection industry. The impact of human-free aerial automated drone inspections is creating waves in property management along with various sectors. Inspections can now be conducted safely at a distance without the use of expensive scaffolding or cherry pickers this is a priceless victory. Large areas can be covered in record time as complex inspections are included.

Automated drones are capable of fulfilling various applications. They can be used in oil and gas facilities for security, surveillance, emergency response, and basic infrastructure inspections.

In mining operations, drones can be used in stockpile management, tailings dams, and inspections. Drone inspections are working in almost every industry that requires visual inspection as part of maintenance processes. Using drones to gather visual data on the condition of a property helps inspectors keep themselves out of harm’s way in hazardous situations.

Garud Survey offers many benefits in industrial inspections, enabling rapid and easy scans of rooftops, aerial inspections with time-saving, revealing faulty infrared signature panels, reaching areas that pose health and safety risks to humans, reducing response time, and minimizing downtime.


Use of Drone in Industrial Inspection

Drones have emerged as powerful tools for industrial inspection across various sectors. Their versatility and capabilities have revolutionized the way inspections are conducted. Here are some key applications and benefits of using drones in industrial inspection: