Aerial Intelligence For Bridge & Road Inspection

Bridge & Road Inspection

Garud Survey specializes in comprehensive bridge and road inspection services, ensuring the safety and longevity of critical transportation infrastructure. With a commitment to excellence, our expert team uses state-of-the-art technology and innovative methodologies to conduct in-depth evaluations.Our bridge inspection services include visual and structural assessments, using advanced technologies such as drones and robotic equipment to access challenging areas. We carefully examine various components including decks, superstructures, substructures and foundations, identify potential issues and offer data-driven solutions.In road inspection, Garud Survey uses state-of-the-art equipment to analyze pavement condition, identify hazards and assess overall road quality. Our skilled professionals assess factors such as surface roughness, ride quality, friction and skid resistance, providing valuable insights for maintenance and rehabilitation strategies.Safety is our top priority, and our experienced experts follow strict protocols while conducting inspections. The culmination of our detailed assessment is a comprehensive report, providing customers with a clear understanding of the health of the infrastructure and any necessary actions required. Garud Survey plays a vital role in maintaining a strong and safe transport network through diligent bridge and road inspections. Our dedication to precision and reliability ensures that critical infrastructure remains safe and efficient for all who depend on it.


use of drone in Bridge & Road Inspection

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have significantly transformed various industries, including infrastructure inspection such as bridges and roads. Their use in bridge and road inspection brings several advantages, enhancing safety, efficiency, and accuracy. Here’s how drones are utilized in this context:


Bridge & Road Inspection is a critical process for evaluating the condition of bridges and roads to ensure safety, identify maintenance needs, and plan for repairs and improvements.

Bridge & Road Inspection is essential to prevent accidents, extend the lifespan of infrastructure, and reduce repair costs. It helps maintain safe and efficient transportation networks.

Bridge & Road Inspections are typically performed by trained engineers, technicians, or specialized inspection teams with expertise in evaluating infrastructure.

The frequency of inspections varies depending on local regulations and the condition of the infrastructure. Regular inspections, ranging from annual to biennial, are common.

Bridge & Road Inspections can include visual assessments, non-destructive testing, and advanced technologies such as ground-penetrating radar, drones, and other innovative tools.